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Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros

Jan 29

Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros


Driveways are an integral part every house. But they are challenging to keep clean. A damaged driveway is recognized by uneven or cracked surfaces, cracks in asphalt and weeds growing into the joints between slabs of pavement. If you see any of these indicators, it is time to get your driveway professionally paved by our driveway paving service.


Signs that show your driveway needs to be fixed

  1. Cracked Driveway
  2. Uneven Driveway: A sloping driveway could cause problems for your vehicle or truck to enjoy a smooth ride. To fix this problem, we will have to level the driveway. This will allow you to repair your driveway.
  3. Potholes in your driveway: Potholes near the edge of your driveway are dangerous and should be repaired promptly. It could also cause damage to tires or even axle cracking.

We do offer a wide variety of services in the area of repair and maintenance. Many homeowners require driveway sealants for repair service.

Driveway sealant, a liquid that is fast drying and then hardens and forms an invisible from the elements such as rain, snowmelt or saltwater.

This type of driveway repair can be done through two distinct methods. Spray sealing is the firstoption, applying the sealant by hand is the other.

Spray sealing refers to the process wherein sealant is applied to driveway surface. Spray sealing can be done by using an airless sprayer or a pump-up gardenhose and nozzle, depending on the one you prefer.


What is the difference between spray sealing and hand applied sealing?

With spray sealing, we can alter the sealer's additives to meet the specifications of the area to be sealed, depending on the degree of exposure to the sun's full rays or shaded, on a steep hill and so on.

The application of sealant directly onto a driveway surfaces is known as hand-applied seal. This can be done with a squeegee or brush and roller, whichever you find more suitable for your needs.

A hand-applied sealant is more economical and uses less equipment.


What is the best time to seal the driveway?

Spray sealing should be performed every 2 to 4 years. For porous surfaces, the coating applied by hand must be applied on a regular basis. Repairing the driveway with additional sealant may be required after the initial year depending on how well it has been applied in the initial application.


What are the benefits of spray sealing?

The advantage of applying a sealant through spray spraying is that you don't have to perform any manual work, which means lengthy hours of manually spreading or brushing your concrete surface. Spray spraying has the ability to quickly cover large areas, which makes it a faster process than applying manually.

Spray application and hand application can be effective in securing driveways from damage. And both are also available and can be done by our knowledgeable team.


What is asphalt resurfacing and when is it appropriate to utilize this method?

Asphalt resurfacing involves the process of the asphalt that is left on your driveway and spreading it to allow it to be flattened. This process is employed in cases where the driveway is too damaged for other methods like sealant repairs or application.


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