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Delaware Congressman Advocates for Farm Bill.

May 23

Delaware's representative in the House of Representatives recently joined the chorus of voices urging Republican and Democratic lawmakers to enact a new five-year farm bill.

The failure of the farm bill this summer was a devastating blow to many farmers. Farmers had thought that nearly a year of lobbying and pressure had helped break the resistance from a number of urban politicians after last year's catastrophe, when Speaker of the House John Boehner delayed the bill from reaching to the floor, leading to its death in committee.

These aspirations have been dashed by the bill's recent defeat in the House. Agricultural authorities are continuing their efforts despite the pessimism felt by some farmers.

Delaware's John Carney, who represents the entire state in Congress, is one of these politicians. Carney is passionate about maintaining the farm sector, which is one of the most vital industries in the state.

Carney recently explained why he voted against the House agriculture bill (saying that the cuts to food stamp spending were too severe) and expressed his hope that "House leadership would bring a fresh plan to the floor that members of both parties can support."

Without a new bill, Carney fears that many farmers will be left in the dust. It's pushing a lot of farmers to seek out help through agricultural loan programs in Delaware to keep their businesses afloat. This is why Carney urges both parties to come together and find a compromise so that the agricultural industry can continue to thrive.